Vincitore 2023

La giuria composta da Monica Bergna (Alboroto Ediciones, Messico); Lara Peces (SM Madrid,  Spagna); Nina Wehrle/ It’s Raining Elephant (Illustrator, Svizzera), ha assegnato il 13° Premio Internazionale d'Illustrazione Bologna Children's Book Fair -Fundación SM all’illustratore italiano





Motivazione della giuria

The drawings of Andrea are very compelling. We could easily relate to the funny characters with their strong personalities and sense of humor. It all looks so light and depurated but we recognize a great mastery. The limited palette of shapes, colours and a few lines create a vibrating graphical expression, reminding of electric city lights.
The set-up is not accidental, each element has its own, well-defined weight and a clear intention. Each one of his illustrations express a clear intention for all kinds of audience.
The decision was unanimous and the Jury is sure that Andrea will continue his career following his own voice even more radically. 

Solo una noche - la mostra di Andrea Antinori

Andrea Antinori, 2023 winner of the International Illustration Award Bologna Children's Book Fair - Fundación SM, will present at BCBF 2024 the works of the book entitled "Solo una noche" in the solo exhibition dedicated to him.
To meet illustrator Andrea Antinori, the appointment is at the fair, at the Illustrators Café on April 9, 2024, at 2 p.m.

solo una noche