59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy

Illustrators Wall - Call for entry

The initiative is curated by BCBF

For the second year running, the Illustrators Wall will also take the form of a completely new, completely digital notice board open to all.

The digital walls will be endless, welcoming all the enthusiastic contributions of illustrators, graphic designers and artists, whether already well known or at the very beginning of their careers.

Event description

The Illustrators Wall is one of the key hubs of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, greeting visitors as soon as they enter the trade show with its walls covered with posters, drawing, photos, images and contact details.

Even before the opening of BCBF2021, the Wall will already start filling up in the early spring with this completely new, completely digital version open to all.

The 2nd edition of the Illustrators Wall will remain online from 26 April to 31 August 2021 offering visitors the chance to explore it contents over time, and giving illustrators from all over the world a priceless opportunity to introduce and promote their work with an image and personal profile including contact details and other useful professional information (e-mail, website, social profile).

The Illustrators Wall will be promoted from May through August 2021 on all the BCBF offcial digital channels.

The Digital Illustrators Wall will be limitless, welcoming all the enthusiastic contributions from illustrators, graphic designers and artists, both well known or just starting out.