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Lazy Dog Press


Riccardo Bello (Editore)


Lazy Dog Press is an independent publishing house, founded in 2012 in Milan. The name 'Lazy Dog' comes from the famous pangramma: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog', a phrase of accomplished meaning that contains the entire alphabet. Our catalogue is dedicated to visual culture, we publish texts of calligraphy, illustration for children and adults, photography, architecture, typography and design, as well as essays on the same topics. Our books are designed and manufactured with sartorial care and particular attention to the choice of materials, content, production and above all graphic style. Among the authors we have published include Aoi Huber Kono, Beppe Giacobbe, Bob Noorda, Cesare Leonardi, Franca Stagi, Charles H. Traub, Elisa Talentino, Franco Fontana, Franco Matticchio, Guido Scarabottolo, Luca Barcellona, Gus Powell, Gusmano Cesaretti, James Clough, Jost Hochuli, Katsumi Komagata, Lorenzo Mattotti, Olimpia Zagnoli, Pino Tovaglia and Riccardo Olocco. In short, we believe in books. In their physicality, sensuality, authoritativeness and beauty. We also believe that the role of a publisher is to value the work of a worthy author, to discover and guide trends and tastes, rather than to support them.


Arte Hobbies e tempo libero Saggistica


(21-101) Attività manuali (21-104) Fumetti e romanzi a fumetti (21-106) Libri educativi (21-108) Saggi (21-109) Manuali pratici (21-112) Libri fotografici (21-113) Albi illustrati (21-115) Libri tridimensionali (21-117) Libri tattili (21-119) Libri senza parole


(E) All Ages

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