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Mushlya is a small universe where life glows and grows, turning into something strong, beautiful, wonderful. For example, in our "Mushlya" this life becomes an extraordinary book — the magic of words, which helps to educate the new generation based on important values. We have published three books so far. "Fyrk a Super Raccoon" is a story about a grumbling and cunning lone raccoon who gave a beatdown to the owners of a fur farm. The first "Eco-Alphabet" in Ukraine is an educational project for the whole family, which aims to raise a real generation of change! "In search of winter sleep" is a unique book. Inside of this story, there is a surprise — a spruce seed. We dream of establishing a new tradition: not to cut down but to plant spruces on the eve of the Christmas holidays. We will be happy to feel your support because we know that our goal to educate a generation that would take care of the environment is your goal too!


Narrativa Scienza e natura