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Owned by TWO K PROJECT LLC, located in Komotini, Greece, the "Paratiritis tis Thrakis" publishing house has a 30 years history with books. Our first book came out in 1993, and ever since, we, "Paratiritis tis Thrakis" publishers, are growing up with our books. Just a few of our pursuits • Publishing productions (printed and electronic) of high quality and aesthetics is our priority. However far from Greece's capital, Thrace is at the heart of our thematic dialogue. • Turkish literature are the backbone of our publications. • Fostering joy of reading is our constant consideration. • Despite rooting in tradition, we always angle for publishing innovation. • Books without bookstores are lost. So, we maintain an ever-growing collaboration with bookstores all around. • Nurturing a people network is crucial to us. This concern, is why we are always close to our readers' needs or demands. The list of publications runs mostly around local history, Greek prose, scientific studies, and children's books. New additions are always around the corner. Our passion for books is a burning flame. We aspire to turn it into a worldwide wildfire.