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Initially incorporated in 1980, Woongjin ThinkBig has developed and offers a variety of educational and cultural contents targeting all age groups, including collective set series for children, digital library service, and etc. Starting with Woongjin Book Club, a membership-based reading and learning program combined with a digital device, we continue to release the industry’s first AI technology-applied products and services, which help us take the lead in edutech industry. Woongjin Book Club provides over 20,000 contents including physical book sets, having approximately 410,000 members as of 2021. Woongjin Junior, an imprint for children’s books, publishes about 200 new books of the highest quality every year, ranging from board books for infants, picture books, literature, non-fiction, and edu-comics for children. Woongjin Junior’s excellence was recognized worldwide by some awarded titles including ‘An Old Tailor Shop at Intersection’ winning Ragazzi Opera Prima in 2020. The copyrights of major titles have contracted with international publishers across the globe, including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, and etc.


Fantasy Narrativa Racconti Saggistica