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Ediciones Liebre creates books and APPs focused on early childhood. Using poetry , science, nature, and humor, its publications innovate in formats. Chilean company that published its first titles in 2018, increasing it´s catalogue to 23 books and 3 apps. PEAKABOO SERIE: ¡PUF! (Poop!), ¡PIU! (Tweet!), ¡CRACK! (Crack!), and NEW 2023 ¡AJÁ! (Sneak!) are the titles of this non-fiction books series for young children that combines poetry, riddles and science. With their small, quadratic format, made of sturdy cardboard, and featuring a simple, robust pop-up mechanism, these books are very well-suited to be manipulated repeatedly, to be opened, read and looked at. Awards: Colibrí Medal IBBY Chile 2019, The Best of Banco del Libro 2022, Venezuela - ¡PUF! (2018) is dedicated to the topic of poop. Texts: Beatriz Giménez de Ory and illustrations of Carles Ballesteros. White Ravens 2019, Brain Child Award, Tillywig Toy and Media Award, EEUU, 2021 - ¡PIU! (2018) to the topic of feathers, with texts María José Ferrada and illustrations Magdalena Pérez - ¡CRACK! (2018) to the topic of eggs, with texts of Beatriz Giménez de Ory and illustrations of Paloma Valdivia. Award Fundación Cuatrogatos 2019, New York Big Book Award for Children´s Educational, 2021 - ¡AJA! (2023) to camouflage´s animals, with texts of Beatriz Giménez de Ory and illustrations of Paloma Valdivia. ACCORDION SERIE: Serie of large silent books in accordion or leporello format with three titles: The Sea (El Mar)- Pablo Luebert-, The Forest (El Bosque) - Sebastian Ilabaca- and The Mountain (La Montaña)- Andrea Antinori. Each bellows expands, reaching a whopping 12 feet on a side; 7 meters of book reading, fully illustrated, with a succession of images, various flaps and die that generate surprises. Incredible textless object books! Stand them on the ground, lie down in front of them, and enjoy (preferably with others) exploring them. Each one brings a quote on their back cover that serves as inspiration for this adventure in a new way of reading. La Montaña of Andrea Antinori won White Ravens Award 2022 NOVERLY 2023-Wooden Frog, superhero of extreme cold (Ranita de Madera. Super-viviente del frío), first volume of the new INDESTRUCTIBLE League Serie dedicated to living beings with extraordinary abilities that allow them to withstand extreme conditions. Humor with science. Texts: María Eugenia Riveros and illustrations Pablo Luebert.


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