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Leykam Buchverlag has set itself the goal of publishing books that not only inspire readers, but also provide them with new insights and answers to the pressing questions of our time. The repertoire of Leykam Buchverlag includes literature, children's books, non-fiction as well as titles from science and education. Our literary programme includes debuts by talented young authors as well as works by renowned authors of contemporary German literature. Our book projects range from poetry to collections of stories to novels. With our children's books, we want to offer children an exciting reading adventure and awaken their curiosity not only for literature as such, but also for topics such as the environment and nature. We also want to teach them how enriching cultural diversity and how important tolerance is for harmonious coexistence. Our non-fiction books deal with current topics, which are dealt with in an accessible and qualitative manner by renowned experts. The focus is on society and politics, the environment, health and contemporary history. Science is a central component of Leykam Verlag, which has maintained close cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in Austria since its foundation. The close connection to the University of Graz and the excellent cooperation with the Graz University Press are particularly noteworthy.


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