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Hatier Jeunesse


Hatier was established in 1880 by Alexandre Hatier. The first "Bescherelle" series was launched in 1900. These schoolbooks put Hatier amongst France's top three traditional book publishers. In the 1970s, Hatier became France's number one publisher of extracurricolar materials, and has been so ever since. The series "Bescherelle" and "Profil" are still key references in their respective fields. Today, Hatier is one of the top three educational content publishers in France.


21-101 Attività manuali 21-109 Manuali pratici 21-111 Romanzi 21-113 Albi illustrati 21-118 Libri di testo


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade

Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2 Comics Corner
Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2

8, rue d'Assas
75006 Paris , FRANCIA