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Forlagid Rights Agency


Valgerdur Benediktsdottir (Foreign Rights Director, Head of Sales)


Being part of Forlagid, Iceland's largest publishing house, means that we have something to offer to everyone. We sell rights world-wide, directly and through sub-agents. Forlagid has a history dating back to 1937. Among our authors we number some of the country’s most successful and critically acclaimed writers, including Iceland‘s only Nobel Laureate, Halldor Laxness. Forlagid publishes 150-200 titles per year under five imprints in a variety of genres, ranging over Icelandic and translated fiction, poetry, non-fiction, children‘s books, illustrated and lifestyle books, as well as producing our own cartography. We have enjoyed great success with our list of Icelandic literature as well as numerous foreign translations. In recent years we have published international authors such as Astrid Lindgren, Philip Pullman, Gunilla Bergström, Tove Jansson, Suzanne Collins, Gunilla Wolde, Peter Madsen, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jo Nesbø, and Sam Copeland, to name just a few.


21-101 Attività manuali 21-109 Manuali pratici 21-111 Romanzi 21-113 Albi illustrati 21-114 Poesia 21-118 Libri di testo


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 29 Stand A/60 - A/50
Pad. 29 Stand A/60

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