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Baeschlin Verlag


Julie Hitz (Editor)


Baeschlin publishes high quality picture books (for ages 3 and up) and children's books (ages 8 to 11) in German. We work mainly with Swiss authors and artists for whom we want to provide an international platform. In doing so we wish to preserve national cultural assents and make them tangible for younger generations. Furthermore, many of our writers and illustrators are newcomers in whom we see great potential. In the few cases in which we buy the foreign rights for a picture book, it is because the concept convinced us with artistic quality and a meaningful story. It is our belief that young children are most able to internalize knowledge and moral values through stories. However, this never means that reading should only be learning and no fun! Thus, our books convey a sense of humour, and/or enhance the imagination of their young readers. One example are our scented picture books in which our best-known character, Charly the stinking billy-goat, plays the star role.


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