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Don Bosco Medien GmbH


We are one of the leading, traditional and independent publishers of early childhood education materials in Germany. We are dedicated to offering hands-on, easy to use materials for kindergarten and primary school teachers, that are as much grounded in the latest research as they based on time-tested practical experience. We also provide the most extensive range of storytelling methods for literacy education, such as Kamishibai, shadow theatre and the new story telling track.


21-106 Libri educativi 21-109 Manuali pratici 21-113 Albi illustrati 21-417 Saggistica 21-421 Religione 21-422 Scienza e natura


A pre-school C Middle grade D Young adults

Pad. 29 Stand C/28 - D/27

Sieboldstr. 11
81669 München , GERMANIA