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Sinnos Società Cooperativa


Sinnos in an independent publishing house specialized in children’s and YA books. The ambition is to portray different experiences, which are becoming more and more a part of our ever-changing world, stories that bring out values aimed for respecting oneself and others, inviting to think and to imagine. Sinnos publishes illustrated albums, novels, graphic novels, and has also created Leggimi, a special highly readable family of fonts addressed for dyslexic children and lazy readers.


21-104 Fumetti e romanzi a fumetti 21-111 Romanzi 21-113 Albi illustrati 21-119 Libri senza parole


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 26 Stand B/37
Pad. 29 Stand F/10 - MALL2 Comics Corner

Via dei Foscari 18
00162 Roma RM, ITALIA