An espresso with Raúl Pérez


Raul Perez

For our 9th Espresso with…, we are delighted to have interviewed Raúl Pérez, Head of Digital of Planeta´s Publishing Division.

Take a look at the questions she chose to answer and her interesting replies.

What are you reading at the minute?

Drifts by Kate Zambreno.


What is the best thing about going to international book fairs?

Getting to meet inspiring people in a different landscape


If you could have been any famous writer, whom would it have been, and why?

James Salter, blessed with such a gift to capture the transcendent essence of any moment.


Is your reading preference for physical books, audio, ebooks, and why?

Generally speaking, I´d go for print books. But Audio is great for Non Fiction and Commercial Literature, while doing something else like cooking, walking or ironing. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks. Ebooks are convenient when travelling.


What is your favourite Italian food?

Parmesan cheese (with a good red wine).


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Eradicating stupidity (then I´d address unhappiness).


What do you consider to be publishing’s greatest threat at the minute, and why?

The lack of diversity derived from market concentration in almost every country. Small and medium size publishers are fundamental to the ecosystem.


What one thing would make your job significantly easier?

Leaving behind the dominant print-centric vision of the book. As publishers we are not supposed to decide whether a format (or a sales model) is good or not: readers (and listeners) should be given the choice. 


Raúl Pérez has worked in media-related industries for over 20 years in companies like RBA, El País and CNN+. In 2011 Raúl Joined Grupo Planeta´s Publishing Division.