An espresso with Lora Fountain

 Lora Fountain

For our 12th Espresso with…, we are delighted to have interviewed Lora Fountain, literary agent in Paris.

Take a look at the questions she chose to answer and her interesting replies.

What are you reading at the minute?

I just finished the first two chapters of BIBLIOMANIA, the sequel to THE 113TH ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN by Stuart Wilson, a brilliant middle-grade fantasy, coming out in October from Penguin Australia. (We have an auction going on at the moment for French rights!).


What is the best thing about going to international book fairs?

Seeing old friends and colleagues (whether we work together or not) and making new contacts. Virtual meetings and doing business by email is fine, but nothing can replace in-person contacts


Is your reading preference for physical books, audio. ebooks and why?

I love the whole tactile relationship with physical books, but most of what I read these days is as PDFs since the books have yet to be published. However, it’s always a treat to see the finished translations when they come into the office and see how the same book can be presented in different formats by different publishers in different countries.


What is your favourite Italian food?

I love good pasta, but my favourite Italian food has to be gelato. There’s a great, authentic Italian restaurant in my neighbourhood, but I have yet to find the equivalent of real Italian gelato anywhere in Paris. (But I’m open to suggestions!).


Have you met famous authors in person, and if so, describe the experience?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few, and some were awe-inspiring, but among my favourite experiences with children’s authors were getting to know Eoin Colfer of Artemis Fowl fame, and Australians Shaun Tan  (The Arrival, The Lost Thing), and Leigh Hobbs, creator of Mr. Chicken and Horrible Harriet. Some of the nicest people I know (and all three are former Children’s Laureates in their home countries).


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Travelling instantly from one place to another – I’d love to have “Scotty” around to “beam me up” to faraway places like Australia or Canada.


Lora runs the eponymous literary agency, Lora Fountain Literary Agency, based in Paris. Graphic novels are a particular specialty. Lora is a speaker on BBPlus' Call Your Agent: How to Become a Literary Successful Agent