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Simone per la Scuola is the educational brand of the Simone Publishing Group. Born in the early 90s, in just a few years it has become a reference brand in the publishing production dedicated to secondary school, firstly in the legal-economic sector, to then establish itself in the sectors of classical languages, human sciences, computer science, chemistry, etc. The Simone per la Scuola catalogue is characterized by agile texts, low prices, supplementary materials offered for free online, attention to inclusive teaching and competence-based learning, reality tasks, tools for CLIL, materials for IWBs, e-books and so on. We like to define ourselves as an "always open construction site" because we adapt, from edition to edition, our books to the needs of the new generations, thanks to the continuous dialogue with the teachers, who use the books in the classroom and who, as consultants in the field, provide their precious indications.


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