Misleading invoices and email

Exhibitors are receiving an increasing amount of fake mail from companies, sometimes also impersonating us, requesting payment in different bank account from the one mentioned in the order and/or invoice issued by BolognaFiere.

Unfortunately, the email address is often quite similar to the original:

Avoid fraudulent payment requests

Don't pay until you have checked that the source is official.

A very similar matter is daily reported for unrequested exhibitors list and trademark registration.

A searchable list of the firms or registers that users have complained of as having sent misleading invoices is published in EUIPO official website (https://www.euipo.europa.eu/it/designs/after-applying/misleading-invoices - along with copies of the actual invoices) for your information.

It is important to state that in this regard BolognaFiere has never authorised any company to use either the name or the logo of their own Trade Fairs, sell data bases or exhibitor directories, nor has supplied any information concerning their exhibitors to the firms guilty of this misleading behaviour. As a matter of fact BolognaFiere has already started legal and judiciary actions to protect their rights, even considering the difficulties of these procedures due to the continuous change of company name and registered offices.

Therefore, in the context of these matters, we invite you to carefully read all the forms, messages and proposal you receive, dutifully checking the info and costs stated before signing and sending back these forms, as when filling and signing these form you are actually subscribing to an agreement where you pay an annual or multi annual fee.

For more information and details, please contact the related BolognaFiere Show Office.