World Directory of Children’s Book Translators

The World Directory of Children’s Book Translators was launched in partnership with UNESCO’s Index Translationum. A database listing professional translators specializing in children’s literature, the Directory is a key point of contact between publishers and translation specialists. As well as the most frequently requested languages, the Directory also has ample listings of the so-called minority languages, with 55 languages currently represented. It is therefore a key tool for both professionals entering the market and for those seeking reliable high-quality translation products.

Available to anyone looking for translators, the World Directory is accessed via a user-friendly login.
The Directory has several search keywords: translator name; country of residence; literary genre; source language; target language; mother tongue. Exhibitor publishers of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair can consult the Directory using their access code.

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You may register if you have translated at least two books for children, unless yours is a minority or seldom-translated language in which case the requirement is only one book. Register or update your entry by simply filling in a questionnaire.


If you have already received the credentials, log in and add or change your participation.

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