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Italian and foreign magazines had prepared special issues on the occasion of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Here you can rstill ead them!
A special thanks goes to the magazines’ publishers for having supported BCBF once again this year and for making their issues available to the BCBF’s visitors.


ANDERSEN n. 411 - April 2024

ANDERSEN is the Italian monthly news magazine about children's books, literature, publishing, reading promotion and cultural events. The magazine offers reviews, articles, columns on children's books.

It promotes the Premio Andersen, the most prestigious Italian award given to the best children’s books of the year, their writers, illustrators, publishers and the organisations that promote reading and culture for children in Italy. Unlike other awards, the selection of the Andersen Award does not take place by means of a call for entries, but is the result of the daily work carried out by the editorial staff of the monthly magazine Andersen  assisted by a network of professionals from the book supply chain.



Giornale della Libreria

Giornale della Libreria

Magazine of Italian Publishers Association for people working with books and reading them 

Giornale della Libreria is the magazine on book publishing world published since 1888 by the Italian Publishers Association. We have a daily updated website (www.giornaledellalibreria.it) and we come out with 4 print issues each year.

The March 2024 issue opens with an overview of the children's book market, an analysis of the top 100 best-selling children's titles in 2023, and some observations on the evolution of romance book covers in the days of TikTok. The centerpiece of the issue is an English-language insert produced in collaboration with BolognaFiere and dedicated to BCBF's international audience. The closing of the issue is on the upcoming participation of Italy Guest of Honor 2024 at the Frankfurt Book Fair. A major event for our publishing industry.

The magazine (distributed by subscription) has a weekly newsletter full of news and content, which you can subscribe to for free here.


Download your free copy at this link https://bit.ly/GdL324BCBF


Hamelin 53 – Manga. Navigating Japanese comics
Curated by Hamelin

The history of how manga approached and reached affimation in Italy is long and fragmented. The first big successes date back to the ‘90s, but it’s only in recent times that Mangas managed to draw the attention of the cultural and publishing worlds, departing from their original niche of passionate readers. This issue of our magazine is dedicated to japanese comics and aims to be both a guide and an invitation to explore the genre, through reading suggestions, summaries, authorial biographies but also a starting glossary to better help navigate this world.


Hamelin - Oblò 7

Oblò issue #7 – Ulf Stark
Curated by Hamelin

Ulf Stark is a prodigious Swedish author who yet has to be widely known in our country, where many of his titles are still waiting for a translation. On the year of what would have been his 80th birthday, Hamelin dedicates the latest issue of its monography series to re-read his books and provide a further look into his poetics, by providing a small alphabet of tropes that tell a story about several aspects of his work: his authenticity in the portrayal of childhood, the places where such childhood moves and by which is moved, the characters that surround it, the unusual and universal world that it creates. In order to better understand his way of perceiving childhood, this issue will also present two excerpts of a previously unedited essay by Stark, translated from Swedish.

Hamelin - Oblò 8

Oblo issue #8 – Anne Brouillard
Curated by Hamelin

This new monography of the Oblò series is dedicated to Anne Brouillard, a foundational artist in the contemporary landscape of illustration books, in order to showcase a true master of her craft on our territory as well, one able to play with and move the boundaries of what illustration books can do. Her texts are close to poetry, and along with her brush strokes and her mark, are able to define subjects without trapping them. To better navigate Brouillard’s works, we present a long interview, accompanied by critical texts and comments to her books: a useful tool for experiencing the uniqueness of the artist, especially considering the few works available in Italian as of now.


Il Mignolo

"Il Mignolo" is the quarterly insert of the historical review magazine "L'Indice dei Libri del Mese". It targets adults (parents, teachers, booksellers, librarians) and is devoted to children's and young adult books, spanning from preschool to young adulthood. Directed by the writer Sara Marconi, it acts as a guide to as a guide to navigate a continuously expanding and fast-paced publishing sector, featuring columns, bibliographic reviews, thematic insights, and monographs.

In the March issue: the bibliography curated by Fernando Rotondo dedicated to war stories; the School Observatory by Beniamino Sidoti on the relationship between school and memory; columns by Francesca Tamberlani and Virginia Stefanini, respectively dedicated to education through reading and graphic novels; reading recommendations by the bookshops and booksellers coordinated by the Children's Bookshops Coordination. The cover and internal illustrations are by Isabella Labate.



LiBeR 142- Paper and saved, peculiarities, functions and conservation of paper books


When we read a paper book we enter into a relationship not only with its content, but also with its physical and material dimension: the gestures we usually make to open it, leaf through it, but also to choose it from the shelf and propose it to other readers, sometimes appear so transparent as to be practically invisible. Is it possible to opaque this transparency and fully enter the book as an object? And what are the specific functions of paper books today, especially if we look at early childhood? Aware that the main reasons why the book itself works lie in the interaction of all the elements that make up the book, including its physical form, we have collected in this issue a series of reflections and also real "exercises" to focus on the exploration of a format, the paper one, to which we still feel very attached. As librarians, in fact, in recent months we have literally seen first-hand how fragile but also precious and irreplaceable paper books can be, in the aftermath of the flood which heavily hit the Tiziano Terzani Library and the LiBeR editorial staff, damaging many volumes and forcing us to choose which books to “save” and why.


Leggere: tutti

Since 2005, Leggere:tutti is a montrhly magazine focused on books. It organises several cultural events, like "Una Nave di LIbri Per Barcellona", "Food&Book" e "aMare Leggere"


Numero 21 - gennaio/marzo
Letture e letterature giovanili


Pepeverde is a magazine of literature and readings for young people. It is meant for teachers, librarians, cultural operators, and parents. The magazine provides information on trends and news in the field of children's literature and the most important Italian and foreign cultural events. It addresses relevant questions on the developments of current editorial production. With a focus on both history and the great classics of literature, Pepeverde also explores current trends, including video games, comics, TV series, and the digital world. The magazine is also known for its 'schede', which is a section dedicated to reviews of the latest noteworthy releases from large Italian publishing houses or independent ones.

Pepeverde is published by Edizioni Conoscenza, a publishing house specializing in the School, University, and Research sectors, which places itself at the service of the profession, with proposals designed to train the critical spirit and open to new points of view and keys to reading.


The Bookseller - Day 1

BCBF 2024, April 8
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The Bookseller - Day 2

 BCBF 2024, April 9