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Maurizio Corraini srl


Corraini Edizioni is a publishing house and an art gallery, as well as a space for experimentation and research: it is a publishing workshop open to artists, illustrators and designers, from both Italy and abroad, a space to create books. Coming from a non-publishing background, the art world, we entered the International market with niece books that prize quality. Our deep relationship with Bruno Munari, the backbone of our catalogue, has strongly influenced our choices for a sizable collection of different topics books with International artists, illustrators and designers.


21-103 Colouring books 21-106 Educational books 21-112 Photography books 21-115 Pop-up books 21-116 Reference books 21-117 Tactile books 21-205 e-books 21-301 Board games 21-305 Gift books 21-307 Postcards 21-308 Posters 21-309 Stationery 21-401 Arts 21-402 Biographies 21-408 Fiction 21-417 Non-Fiction 21-422 Science & Nature

Pad. 29 Stand A/2 - C/1
Pad. MALL Stand A/2 - C/1-C5 BBPlus

Via Ippolito Nievo 7/A
46100 Mantova MN, ITALIA