Licensing Portfolio Review

NEW IN 2024

For the first time in 2024, the BLTF/Kids programme is enriched with the Licensing Portfolio Reviews, a brand-new and innovative way of bringing together key-players in animation, brands and consumer goods manufacturers - and everything revolving around these categories - and illustration and design talents.

A series of speed dating meetings taking place over the course of the days of the Book Fair are a unique opportunity to scout for new ideas and styles and create new opportunities for collaboration.

The first edition of the Licensing Portfolio Reviews welcomes 16 international companies from the gaming, animation, toy, stationery and clothing sectors, for which more than 200 meetings with emerging and established illustrators and artists from all over the world have been organised. Among the companies taking part in the first edition of these special portfolio reviews are Movimenti, Animoka, Enanimation and Gaumont from the animation world; Devolver Digital, Funny Tales and Awakening Games from gaming; while Pigna, Franco Cosimo Panini and Seven are the leading representatives for stationery category; J Brand International and Illustrabimbi are the pitchers for the apparel industry, together with MS Edizioni, Red Glove and Headu for board and educational games. Last but not least, international and hybrid realities such as Kreaktiva Lab also take part to these pitches, looking for illustrators capable of applying their art to cross-product projects.


All Licensing Portfolio Review sessions are held at the Illustrators Survival Corner, Hall 30, from 8 to 10 April. Click here to discover the Licensing Portfolio Reviews programme organised for this edition of the BCBF.