Illustrators Wall

a 120-day show

Welcome to the Illustrators Wall!

Located in the heart of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Illustrators Wall - covered in posters, drawings, photographs, images and contacts - is one of the first things to welcome visitors entering the Fair.

2020 saw the first unprecedented, completely digital, version of the Wall. Open to illustrators, graphic designers and artists from the 5 continents, the new virtual Illustrators Wall was used by applicants from some 63 countries to showcase their art to visitors and publishers.

Online from 26 April to 31 August 2021, the Wall is once again an opportunity to take a trip around the world of illustration today. Every illustrator can post one image as well as his/her personal profile with information and contacts.

The interactive guide allows you to navigate through the continents and individual countries, zooming in on the illustrations and artist profiles that strike you most. It’s a great opportunity for visitors and illustrators alike.