Self-Publishing @BBPLUS

Self-Publishing, once decried as vanity publishing, and not taken seriously in the publishing industry, is now a respected arm of the publishing ecosystem. Many authors find success in this route and may not seek a traditional publishing deal, or may decide to publish some works via the self-publishing route, and others in the traditional way. 

It can be an overwhelming process for the uninitiated, given there are many companies offering platforms and services. Understanding the commercial side, rights, distribution, marketing and social media is vital to navigate this route to market. BBPlus offers a comprehensive training event Writing & Self-Publishing in Italy and Abroad,  which takes place annually in person at the fair, and is also now on demand. Attendees from the 2023 event described it as a thorough explanation, and lots of practical advice to make the right decisions for one’s book.

Next event will take place on 31 March and 1 April 2025: the full programme will be available early in 2025.