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Audio continues to be a growth area in publishing.

The global audiobooks market size was valued at 5364 million US dollars in 2022, and is expected to expand from 2024 to 2030 by 26%.

The flexibility and versatility features of audiobooks allow "readers" to listen to content anytime, anywhere. 

In 2024 we’ve launched an Audio Forum, an afternoon event looking at the growth of audio, podcasting, diaspora voices and more, and featuring an impressive range of audio experts from around the globe.


Audio Forum - 10 April 2024

Audio Forum

In partnership with Beat Technology

10 April 2024

14:15  Introduction
Jacks Thomas, Guest Director, BolognaBookPlus
Nathan Hull, Chief Strategy Officer, Beat Technology (Norway)

14:25  In Conversation with Amanda D’Acierno
Nathan Hull, Chief Strategy Officer, Beat Technology (Norway)
Amanda D’Acierno, President Audio, Penguin Random House (US)

14:55  Multi language strategies in the global audiobook market
Miles Stevens-Hoare, Managing Director, RB Media International (UK)

15:05  Podcasts: adaption to audio…and back
Michele Cobb, President, Audio Publishers Association (US)
Chiara Santella, Founder, Studio Ochenta (Spain)
Sabrina Tinelli, Head of Editorial Content, Chora (Italy)
Carla Herbertson, Founder, Small Wardour (UK)

15:35  Strategies for effective distribution and monetisation
Tina Jurgens, Co-CEO, Zebralution (Germany)

15:45  Break

16:00  From Digital to Physical: global opportunities for Children’s publishers with audio players 
Carla Herbertson, Founder, Small Wardour (UK)
Eloise Elandaloussi, Tonies (Germany)
Jessica Tarrant, Yoto (UK)
Matteo Fabbrini, Faba (Italy)
Jim Jacob, Story Button (US)

16:30  Where next for Spanish audio: global drivers and opportunities
Giulia Lo Monaco, Bookwire (Germany)

16:40  Voices from the diaspora
Nathan Hull, Chief Strategy Officer, Beat Technology (Norway)
Ajay Mago, Founder OM Books (India)
Raúl Perez, Head of Digital, Grupo Planeta (Spain)
Liza Faja, Director AudioBooks, Lizzie (France)

17:15  Networking Drinks reception