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Pó de estrelas


Gabriela Vasconcellos (Public relation and Editor)
Email: vasconcellos.gabriela@gmail.com

Patrícia Vasconcellos (Owner and Chef Editor)
Email: patvas1210@gmail.com

Rodrigo Vasconcellos (Editor)
Email: rodrigovpf@gmail.com


Pó de Estrelas is a brazilian publisher that provides enchanting experiences in the reader's encounter with the book object. We understand that Literature is art and, as such, it welcomes, provokes, transgresses, liberates. With each editorial project, we seek to bring the delicacy and strength of the narrative to the materiality of the book, a story that is only completed when reading takes place. In our catalog - with the labels Pó de Estrelas, Caleidoscópio, Maracajá Cartonera - we bring books for childhroods. We make illustrated books, books with illustrations, books with just words, books with just images – some of which have won awards. In all of them, care is taken to ensure that the reading experience is precious.

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