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Wisdom House, Inc.


Jooyang Eum (Picture Book Editor)
Email: noah@wisdomhouse.co.kr

Eunchae Hong (Rights Agent)
Email: hec1228@wisdomhouse.co.kr

Eunhee Park (Picture Book Editor)
Email: baguni@wisdomhouse.co.kr


Wisdom House was established in 1999 and we recently declared our mission of becoming a reader-first publisher. The company has been focusing on book publication and webcomics/novels production as the two pillars of its business. We are considered one of the most influential publishers in Korea, seeing that it recorded no.1 in book sales revenue in 2018 and was nominated as the Publisher of the Year in 2019 by Sisa-In. Wisdom House covers various genres such as essays, humanities, economics, non-fiction, novels, practical books, children’s, and young adults. In addition, for the webcomics and webnovels, we have even more extensive genres including romance, BL, and fantasy. We annually publish about 330 titles: 220 books, 30 webcomics, and 80 webnovels. Wisdom House also creates books that enrich reader’s growth journey with a mission to be a ‘content producer for the new generation.’ Wisdom House also creates valuable content by not losing sight of the essence that books are children’s entertainment(children), empathizing with readers, making groundbreaking ideas, expanding the author’s imagination(imaginator). Wisdom House’s world, which has discovered content that reads the times and connects generations with authors, hopes to connect with you.


Diversity and Inclusion Fairy Tales Fantasy Fiction Food & Health  Geography History Hobbies & Leisure Horror Humour LGBT Music Non-Fiction Psychology Religion Science & Nature  Science-Fiction Sports


(21-102) Board books (21-104) Comics & Graphic Novels (21-106) Educational books (21-111) Novels (21-113) Picture books (21-205) e-books


(A) pre-school (B) Early readers (C) Middle grade

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