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Our editorial Group has started in 1980 and counts over 2000 titles. Later, in 1993, La Croisée des Chemins (The Crossroad) was created and established itself as a leading publishing house in Morocco. We, at La Croisée des Chemins, issue a wide range of publications from essays to novels, but we specialize in the - Beau-Livre - genre about the Moroccan culture and Heritage. Every title makes the reader travel through space and time to revive the forgotten eras and witness the powerful moments not only of Morocco but also of everywhere else in the world, transcending the cultural boundaries and aspirations. Today, La Croisée des Chemins's main mission is to defend the vision we have of the publisher as a profession.Thus, we ensure the right to inform and to represent the identity of a modern Maghreb. This year, we are attending the Beijing International Book Fair for the second time in a row, to reinforce our relationship with our partner China intercontinental Press. We want the Chinese readers to discover the Moroccan literature and on the other side, we want the moroccans to appreciate the Chinese one.