Exhibitors info



Beatriz Arean (International Business Development)
email: beatriz.arean@grupo-sm.com

Carla Balzaretti (Editor of Literatura SM España)
email: carla.balzaretti@grupo-sm.com

José Manuel Cidad (Chairman)
email: yovana.bravo@grupo-sm.com

Víctor Hugo Da Silva Vicente (Global Director of Literature SM)
email: vitor.vicente@grupo-sm.com

Juan Carlos Febrero (Director of Literature SM)
email: juan.carlos.febrero@grupo-sm.com

Marta Gallas (Rights Manager)
email: marta.gallas@grupo-sm.com

Patrycja Jurkowska (Editor of Literatura SM España)
email: patrycja.jurkowska@grupo-sm.com

Javier Martínez (Managing Comercial SM España)
email: javier.martinez@grupo-sm.com

Marta Mesa (Literature designer SM)
email: marta.mesa@grupo-sm.com

Eduardo Nacarino (Literature designer SM)
email: eduardo.nacarino@grupo-sm.com

Antonio Navarrete (SM corporate CEO)
email: mariac.alvarez@grupo-sm.com

Marta Novo (Director International Business)
email: teresa.mayans@grupo-sm.com

Pablo Nuñez (Art Manager)
email: pablo.nunez@grupo-sm.com

Mayte Ortiz (Director of Fundación SM)
email: estrella.machuca@grupo-sm.com

Anna Pauner (Editor of Literatura SM España)
email: anna.pauner@cruilla.cat

Lara Peces (Art Gerente of Children and Youth Literature)
email: lara.peces@grupo-sm.com

Carolina Pérez (Editor of Literatura SM España)
email: carolina.perez@grupo-sm.com

María Alexandra Procel (Managing Editor Literature SM Ecuador)
email: maria.procel@grupo-sm.com

Pinto Graziela Ribeiro (Manager of Literature SM Brasil)
email: graziela.santos@grupo-sm.com

Mónica Romero (Managing of Literature SM México)
email: monica.romero@grupo-sm.com

Santiago Romero (Director of SM España)
email: violeta.benito@grupo-sm.com

Ariana Rosado (Managing Editor Literature SM Puerto Rico)
email: ariana.rosado@grupo-sm.com

María Sánchez (Marketing Manager Children's and Youth Literature)
email: maria.sanchezg@grupo-sm.com

Sergio Tanhnuz (Managing Editor Literature SM Chile)
email: sergio.tanhnuz@grupo-sm.com

Teresa Tellechea (Editor of Literatura SM España)
email: teresa.tellechea@grupo-sm.com

Mónica Volonteri (Managing Editor Literature SM República Dominicana)
email: maria.volonteri@grupo-sm.com


Publishers of all kind of books for children and young people: fiction, non-fiction, reference and text books; Language courses for foreign people (ELE); dictionaries; religious text books for children.


21-102 Board books 21-111 Novels 21-113 Picture books


B Early readers E All Ages

Pad. 29 Stand D/1

Impresores 2 Pol. Empresarial Prado del Espino
28660 Boadilla Del Monte, Madrid , SPAGNA