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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Delivers a Lecture to Young People „Making Dreams into Your Realities - The Power of Dreams“ Out of Exclusively Original Speeches and Writings of Professor Yunus Edited by Marilu Germscheid Ilustrated by Marilina Skarpeta Book Description: The book is aimed to bring Professor Yunus thoughts to young people, in order to encourage them. The author uses a conversation between a young little girl and boy, who want to grow up and become as smart as Professor Yunus. It makes youth aware of their inner potential, that everyone has unlimited potential power and possibilities to create whatever one desires, equal of gender, race or status quo. That imagination is the most important matter. It describes micro-credit and social-business, an eventual powerful tool to unfold one's creativity. It honors Professor Yunus, showing his main life creations. It shows the limit to consumption but the almost unknown pleasure of Doing Good. It contains the Sustainable Development Goals as a “global to do list” – a leading direction for the world to go to. And it promotes the 3ZERO Club, an iniciative by Professor Yunus, which provides a network for young people to get into action, to create the world they like to live in, bringing solutions locally in connection with youth globally. Paper Back - Colored - Soft Cover: ISBN 979-12-210-0034-4 Paper Back - Colored - Hard Cover: ISBN 979-12-210-0033-7 e-book colored: ISBN 979-12-210-0035-1