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Over the years, an unusual mix of books and non-book accessories has remained an important characteristic of a steadily growing product range at moses. Verlag. Inventive non-fiction and activity books with a focus on playing, experimenting and learning are complemented by an extensive selection of products such as magnifying glass cups and dinosaur puzzles. Thinking outside the box, discovering and realising new ideas - this is the concept of our publishing house. Our motto is: moses., one idea more.


21-101 Activity books 21-102 Board books 21-103 Colouring books 21-109 How-to books 21-113 Picture books 21-117 Tactile books 21-301 Board games 21-305 Gift books 21-309 Stationery 21-403 Crime, Thrillers & Mysteries 21-414 Humour 21-417 Non-Fiction 21-422 Science & Nature


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 29 Stand C/28 - D/27

Arnoldstrasse 13 D
D47906 Kempen , GERMANIA