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Uovonero Edizioni di Enza Crivelli & C. snc


uovonero is a publishing house specialized in inclusive, highly legible books, that promote a culture of diversity. The main purposes of the publishing house are two: to give to all the children, included those with various kinds of reading difficulties, the pleasure to read and share the same books and to spread a culture of diversity as a resource, to stimulate curiosity and acquaintance instead of fear and suspicion, through picture books, novels and essays.


21-102 Board books 21-106 Educational books 21-108 Essays 21-111 Novels 21-113 Picture books 21-206 Games 21-404 Disabilities 21-405 Diversity and Inclusion 21-408 Fiction 21-417 Non-Fiction


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 25 Stand A/5

Via Marazzi 12
26013 Crema CR, ITALIA