Exhibitors info

Exhibitors info

Pea Srl


Gianluca Aprile di Cimia (CEO)
Email: gl.aprile@peaitaly.com

Elena Avanzato (Promotion&Loyalty Director)
Email: e.avanzato@peaitaly.com

Ilaria Bartozzi (Prtwork&Collectibles Director)
Email: i.bartozzi@peaitaly.com

Gribaudo Cinzia (Flowpack Division Director/Licensing Manager)
Email: c.gribaudo@peaitaly.com

Francesca Coi (Communication manager)
Email: f.coi@peaitaly.com

Massimiliano Piazzolla (General Mager of Play Around)
Email: m.piazzolla@peaitaly.com

Paolo Rigobello (General Manager of Kintana)
Email: p.rigobello@kintana.it


For 40 years we have been designing, producing and developing products for the promotional and publishing market. A wonder factory that has contributed to the success of so many partners with whom we have grown together. Not chasing change, but leading it. We have always believed that market leadership and revenue growth should be supported with ambitious projects. We wanted to become the first phygital enterprise in the entertainment industry. And we succeeded.

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