BRAW CrossMedia - The 2021 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the BolognaRagazzi Crossmedia Award 2021, made up of the publishing projects that have best expanded their narrative universe to other media. 
The international jury examined over 50 projectsselected 10from which the Grand Prize and the special mentions were chosen.



The snail and the whale 

PUBLISHER: Macmillan Children's Books
BOOK TITLE: The Snail and the Whale
AUTHOR: Julia Donaldson
EXTENSION: MOVIE The Snail and the Whale
PRODUCER: Magic Light Pictures

What the jury said:
"The story and the way it has been transformed into a short movie feels epic in its scope and delivery. The movie is charming and beautifully rendered. It is also very faithful to the original text of the picture book; it brings wonderfully enlarged characters to life and expands visually the narrative by representing sea life with a 3D of delightful quality." 


Hilda and the Troll

PUBLISHER: Flying Eye Books
BOOK TITLE:  Hilda and the Troll
AUTHOR: Luke Pearson
PRODUCER: Silvergate Media

What the jury said:
"The tv series is a great adaptation of a great story, with excellent screenplay, witty dialogues and a modern style that manages to be visually faithful to the graphic novel. The stories of the tv series go beyond the books and capture the mystery and magic of Hilda's world."   


Tutto il contrario

PUBLISHER: Minibombo
BOOK TITLE:  Tutto il contrario
AUTHOR: Silvia Borando
EXTENSION: APP Tutto il contrario
PRODUCER: Minibombo

What the jury said:
"Minibombo's app devoted to opposites is a charming extension of the book, noteworthy for its pedagogy. The app adds interactivity to the playful, colourful and fun features of the book. It is a perfect example of how a book narrative and a digital expansion should work together."