The Grand Tour Exhibitions

The Grand Tour's programme includes special exhibitions celebrating the excellence of Italian writing, illustration and creativity.


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Ibby Italia. Honour List 2023

Italian children’s books represent excellence internationally. Year on year rights sales have steadily increased, and to date far more titles are sold abroad than foreign titles purchased by Italian publishers. As one of the founders of the Italian section of IBBY – International Board on Books for Young people – BCBF presents an exhibition of some outstanding Italian children’s books spanning a wide variety of narrative forms: books for toddlers, picture books, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, comics.

(Frankfurt, Guadalajara)

Illustrations for Italo Calvino

This exhibition marks the centennial of the birth of Italo Calvino, the world-famous Italian writer, beloved by readers of all ages. The works include contributions from established artists who have already published their interpretations of Calvino’s texts, and the winning illustrations of a competition promoted by BCBF and open to candidates from all over the world, who wished to offer their personal visions of the characters, places and ideas in Calvino’s novels.

(Frankfurt, New York, Guadalajara)

Illustrations for Gianni Rodari

The year 2020 marked exactly one hundred years since the birth of Gianni Rodari on 23 October 1920, a fact well worth celebrating. Bologna Children’s Book Fair aimed to commemorate this anniversary by remembering the creativity of Italy’s first author to win the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award (in 1970), and one of the most innovative and influential children’s writers of the twentieth century. Illustrators for Gianni Rodari. Italian Excellence represents a sort of timeline of Italian illustration, exhibiting original works by 21 illustrators who are recognised as mainstays of Italian design and illustration, such as Bruno Munari and Emanuele Luzzati, as well as great contemporary artists. 

(New Delhi)