Rights Training @BBPlus2022

How to Sell Rights and Understand Licensing in Children’s Books

Sunday, 20 March 2022
In Person event
Duration: 5 hours
Language: English

This event was organized by BolognaBookPlus

This half-day training event ensured that you understand the cornerstone of copyright, and the essential steps of rights selling, whether you are starting off, or considering a career in rights; are in your first year or two and wish to consolidate the basics; you work in contracts or related areas, or you are a self-published children’s author. 

It considered thoroughly those all-important essentials: copyright, rights, contracts, and how to start selling - all with a sharp focus on children’s IP.

Buying and Selling rights in children’s books is crucial for publishing success. In addition to the important revenue streams, it provides access to markets unattainable for the original edition, as well as to new platforms and media, extending brand and author identity.

The training was delivered by children’s rights experts with proven experience in selling rights and licensing for children’s books across many territories and markets.