BLTF/Kids Stand Types and Prices

2024 prices

REGISTRATION FEE (mandatory): €490.00 (+VAT if due) 
Participation to the Global Rights Exchange Licensing included

Guest firms registration fee (max. 2 in addition to the holder): €490.00 (+VAT if due)  for each guest firms. Invoiced to the stand holder. Include partecipazione alla Global Rights Exchange Licensing


  • Stand Type A - (4x4m): €4.280.00 (+VAT if due) 
  • Stand Type B - (4x8m): €7.090.00 (+VAT if due) 


  • 4x4m module facing aisle: €3,290.00 (+VAT if due) 
  • 4x4m module facing rear (only in addition to aisle-facing module): €2,020.00 (+VAT if due) 

The unfurnished area is entirely without furnishing. 
No walls marking off the area are provided. Therefore, the furnishing must be totally independent and self-supporting.
Maximum height permitted: 3 mt. (Changes to stand heights of more than 3 m may only be made upon written request by the exhibitor and written approval by BolognaFiere)

Early bird 

Applications received by 27 October 2023 will qualify for an "early bird" discount of 3% on stand fees.

BolognaBookPlus and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair Kids 

BCBF Exhibitors who take additional space in BBPlus will be entitled to a 50% discount on their BBPlus stand.

BCBF Exhibitors who take additional space in BLTF/Kids will be entitled to a 50% discount on their BLTF/Kids stand.

Further information on participation

The registration fee includes the following services:

  • All Risks and Third-Party Liability insurance (compulsory);
  • Inclusion of the company in the official exhibition catalogue and guide map;
  • Registration of the company on the Global Rights Exchange platform;
  • Exhibitors ards;
  • One pass for the Exhibitors' car park.

In order to make participation in the trade fair easier, the following services are also included in the booth prices:

  • Connection to the electricity grid, including verification of normal functioning. Maximum power supplied: 3 Kw;
  • Fire-extinguisher supply according to the law;
  • Daily booth cleaning;
  • Municipal charges for advertising on billboards and axhibiting company name;
  • 5 standard Wi-Fi connections.