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Worldwide publishing rights management for premier comic, graphic novel, and game publishers from the US and Europe, including AWA Studios, Oni-Lion Forge, Legendary Comics, TKO Presents, PaperFilms, Archie Comics, Edizioni BD, A Wave Blue World, AHOY Comics, Scout Comics, Syzygy Publishing, Clover Press, Sunday Press, Opus Comix, Kevin Eastman, Pegamoose Press, Paolo Baron & Ernesto Carbonetti, Kevin Eastman, Graph Zeppelin, Timof Comics, Markosia, Noise Press, Timberwolf Entertainment, UA Comix, Living the Line, Komics Initiative, FairSquare Comics, Anderson Entertainment, and Small Monsters Games.


Arts Biographies Crime, Thrillers & Mysteries Diversity and Inclusion Fairy Tales Fantasy Fiction History Horror Humour LGBT Music Non-Fiction Science-Fiction Sports