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Giunti Editore


LeeAnn Bortolussi (International Foreign Rights Manager/ Export Sales)
email: intdiv@giunti.it

Beatrice Fini (Editorial Director Children and YA Division)
email: b.fini@giunti.it

Tiziana Geminiani (Contracts & Licenses)
email: intdiv@giunti.it

Sergio Giunti (Publisher)
email: s.cavigli@giunti.it

Jacopo Gori (Managing Director Area Trade)
email: j.gori@giunti.it

Jacopo Guerriero (Press Office Manager)
email: j.guerriero@giunti.it

Bruno Mari (Vice President)

Martino Montanarini (Chief Executive Officer)
email: s.bosi@giunti.it

Cristina Zangrandi (Foreign Rights)
email: intdiv@giunti.it


Giunti Editore is a leading Italian publisher that includes Bompiani, Dami Editore, Demetra, De Vecchi, Fatatrac, Edizioni del Borgo, Editoriale Scienza, Giorgio Nada Editore, Giunti, Giunti Edu, Giunti Psychometrics, Giunti Scuola, Giunti T.V.P. Editori, Pon Pon Edizioni and licensed imprints as Disney, Lucas, Marvel; focusing on adult and children fiction, non fiction and scholastic books. Giunti's bookstores chain has 255 owned retail stores making it the largest in the country.


21-101 Activity books 21-103 Colouring books 21-104 Comics & Graphic Novels 21-105 Dictionaries 21-106 Educational books 21-108 Essays 21-109 How-to books 21-110 Language courses 21-111 Novels 21-112 Photography books 21-113 Picture books 21-114 Poetry 21-115 Pop-up books 21-117 Tactile books 21-118 Text books 21-119 Wordless books 21-202 Audiobooks 21-204 Digital platforms 21-205 e-books 21-207 Services 21-208 Websites 21-301 Board games 21-302 Calendars 21-304 Gadgets 21-305 Gift books 21-306 Periodicals 21-307 Postcards 21-309 Stationery


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 25 Stand A/39

Via Bolognese 165
50139 Firenze FI, ITALIA