Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April

General Information

BCBF online special edition


How to get the best out of this online BCBF. A short guide to content, events and meetings,  online from 4 to 7 May 2020 

All events can be accessed free of charge. How to participate in an event:

  • Go to the BCBF website
  • Click on the EVENTS dropdown menu of the navigation bar to find the date and time of the event you want to attend
  • Just before the start, the link to the event will be activated in the dropdown menu item
  • You can also find the event you are looking for:
  • On the BCBF website homepage, in the new BCBF TV box
  • In the MEDIA ROOM/BCBF TV menu

Other access routes. You can get to some events from the specific topic page on the website or by clicking on the topic box you’ll find scrolling down the homepage

Please note! Some events like webinars and masterclasses require prior registration to attend and will not be broadcast live. All these events will, however, be available on the BCBF website in the weeks following the show.

The 24H Marathon is reserved only to registered users and will not be broadcast.

All broadcast events will be available on our official Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Check them out and stay in the loop!

If you miss an event or meeting during the BCBF, they’ll still be online after the close of the 2020 edition.