Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

The Illustrators Exhibition flies to Tokyo

Now the Illustrators Exhibition flies to Tokyo, and on show in the completely renovated and modernised space of the Itabashi Art Museum. From June 29, the museum will reopen to the public, who’ll also be able to admire the illustrations of the 76 international artists selected for 2019 show.


The Illustrators Exhibition is accompanied by a number of initiatives, readings from the picture books and workshops as part of the ‘Summer Atelier’ programme, aimed at an audience of emerging and professional illustrators. Among the teachers for this year, 2 members of the jury of the 2019 Illustrators Exhibition: Harriet van Reek and Diego Bianchi, who’s going to hold a workshop focused on sketchbooks and on the importance for an illustrator to observe the world around them in the smallest of details.


To enrich it all, there is also the exhibition of ‘La Casa de Ferias’, a book by the Croatian illustrator Vendi Vernić, winner of the 2018 International Award for Illustration Bologna Children’s Book Fair - Fundación SM, and one of the winning books of BolognaRagazzi Award 2019.


This is always a very important stage for the Illustrators Exhibition, which this year is even more heartfelt: the Itabashi Art Museum celebrates 40 years of history. Founded in 1979, the museum represents one of the longest creative partnerships of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, whose activities have been hosted together since 1981. 



(manifesto dell'Art Museum Itabashi; illustrazione di Ayumi Kudo)