ARS IN FABULA -  higher education institute directly involved with children’s books - has joined forces with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to create the ARS IN FABULA Grant Award for a postgraduate illustration course.

The grant aims not only to sustain and train new talent through a postgraduate illustration course, it also meets the needs of publishers in their search for new illustrators.

Established in 2012, the annual  ARS IN FABULA Grant Award - is given to young, unpublished, illustrators under 30 who have been already selected for the Illustrators Exhibition.

The Grant is awarded by a jury made up of the Master course lecturers meeting in Bologna during the Book Fair.

The winner is given a free place on the ARS IN FABULA – Master Degree Course in Illustration for Publishing, during which s/he will work on a book project assigned by one of the Master course publisher partners.


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