58th edition
14-17 June 2021

Illustrators' Exhibition arrives in Itabashi

After the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Illustrators’ Exhibition travels to many art museums and public library, so that the artists can be discovered and admired by everyone.

The most historic partnerships is with the Itabashi Art Museum in Tokyo, where the idea of Illustrators’ Exhibition on tour was born and in which the original artworks are exhibited from July 1. Moreover, the official poster of this stop has been designed by the Japanese illustrator Kanako Fugurori, chosen from among the 75 illustrators selected for the 2017 Illustrators’ Exhibition.

Many events happen alongside the Illustrators’ Exhibition on its way round the globe: from July 25 to July 29, Steven Guarnaccia, who was one of the Illustrators’ Exhibition jurors, will hold in Itabashi a workshop, for professional and semi-professional illustrators, on the subject of the book as an object and the challenge of digital first artworks.

The Illustrators’ Exhibition will be open to public until August 13, then it’ll leave for new destinations so stay tuned.

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