58th edition
14-17 June 2021

BCBF arrives in Lima for the first edition of Imaquinario

The FIL – Feria del Libro de Lima is one of the most lively for publishing in Latin America. The 2017 edition, July 21 to August 6, has been enriched, for the first time, with a new initiative completely dedicated to illustration and children’s books.

Imaquinario, in conjunction with the MAC - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo of Lima, one of the main museums of the city, hosts meetings and workshops focused on illustration and children’s book, with many publishers and illustrators from each Latin American countries.

Andrea Antinori, one of the selected of the 2017 Illustrators’ Exhibition, one of most brilliant young talent, represented Italy and told his journey as an illustrator, his experience with BCBF and his latest work ‘The Entrance of Christ in Brussels’, coming to Italian bookstores in September published by Corraini Editore.

Together with Antinori: Juan Palomino, selected for the 2016 Illustrators’ Exhibition and winner of the 2016 International Award for Illustration Bologna Children's Book Fair - Fundación SM with his book ‘Antes del primer día’ representing, together with Juan Gedovius, Mexico, Guest of Honor of the 2017 edition of the book fair; the Brazilian Roger Mello, winner of the 2014 H. C. Andersen Award and chosen by BCBF to draw the 2015 cover of the Illustrators' Annual, Issa Watanabe, a Peruvian illustrator, who created the visual identity for Imaquinario. And Alfredo Soderguit, Decur, Torreja (aka Monica Torrejon), Andrea Létorta and Dolores Prades.