Virtual Illustrators Wall Reloaded - Call for entry

The initiative is curated by BCBF

If your work wasn't on the 2023 Virtual Illustrators Wall and seen by everybody around the world, you're still in time!
Our 2023 Virtual Illustrators Wall is still open to the talent and enthusiasm of illustrators, graphic designers and artists - regardless of whether you’re an established professional or just starting out. 

You’ve got until 30 June 2023 to register with the Wall.



from March 13
to June 30


ONLINE on BCBF website

Are you interested in participating in this event?

  • Participation is allowed only to illustrators who have not yet taken part in the 2023 edition of the initiative.
    Illustrators already present with an illustration in the 2023 edition will not be able to re-register.
  • To participate in the initiative, proceed to buy – available starting March 13 until June 30 2023 – and then upload your contribution and data.
  • Please read the rules cerefully before making your purchase.

Partecipation fee for the ILLUSTRATORS WALL

20.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

Event description

The 4th edition of the Illustrators Wall will stay online from 16 February through to 31 August 2023. The Wall offers visitors and sector professionals an opportunity to explore what’s happening in illustration throughout the world; it also gives participating illustrators an exceptional chance to show what they can do and introduce themselves, providing their email, website and social profile.

The Illustrators Wall will be promoted until August 2023 on all BCBF 2023’s digital channels.

The digital Illustrators Wall has no physical limits and so can host all the talent and enthusiasm of illustrators, graphic artists, and artists - whoever and wherever they are.


What happened in previous edition?



The 2022 edition received postings by over 900 illustrators from 69 countries. An unprecedented success, this special website section was one the most visited from March-August 2022 with 17,000 hits and 55,000 pages visited.

Contributions were divided by continent and country and gave details of each image, its title, and the name and country of the author.




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