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A new season - the 3rd! - of OPEN UP  has started.
OPEN UP - The BCBF Skill Box is the digital environment where professions, skills and cultures come together to create unique opportunities for exchange - and especially - growth.

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Don't miss the 3rd International Kids Licensing Days has an interesting and varied programme of international webinars and conferences looking at the latest sector trends. Then there are the BBPlus Training Courses focusing on the publishing industry’s specialist professions and how they are evolving: Writing & Self-Publishing @BBPLUS2023; Call Your Agent: How to Become a Successful Literary Agent; and How to sell Rights and Understand Licensing in Children’s Books and many more new titles to come.





Translating Children's Literature: Juggling Between Boundaries

The conference, organised by Ceatl (Europen Council of Literary Translators' Associations) in collaboration with explores the difficult art of translating for children and reinventing literature in other languages and cultures.


Not Everything Translates. Why Some Comics Work Internationally and Others Don't

Rights sales are a complex business as a huge seller in one country can just not work or even interest readers/publishers in another.


Reinventing Calvino: a talk with his translators

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2023 invited some of the translators of Italo Calvino's books, one of the most loved, read and translated Italian writers. One hundred years of words, stories and books translated all over the world, books that have never finished saying what they have to say, according to the definition of a classic literary text formulated by Calvino himself.


Tradurre il Giappone: il fenomeno manga

Born in Japan where it is one of the largest sectors of the country’s publishing industry, MANGA comics are enormously popular among the younger generations, exported and translated all over the world.
The meeting will give a broad overview of the history of the genre, looking at the key features of manga culture with a special focus on the characteristics required of translators of Manga content.


International Kids Licensing Days

International Kids Licensing Days, the series of conferences on the latest trends in children's content, is back for the third year running. Spanning licensing, publishing, toys and the digital revolution, the meetings will look at new ways for retail to retain the attention of an increasingly fragmented and evolving customer base.


Writing & Self-Publishing @BBPLUS2023

Bologna Book Plus confirms for 2023 its attention to authors and writers - whether they want to publish with a publisher, to self-publish or make writing their job - offering them two unique days of training and updating.


Call your Agent: How to Become a Successful Literary Agent

The training conference aimed at those who are thinking of a career in literary representation or are in the early stages of working in this area.


How to Sell Rights and Understand Licensing in Children’s Books

This training event ensured that you understand the cornerstone of copyright, and the essential steps of rights selling, whether you are starting off, or considering a career in rights; are in your first year or two and wish to consolidate the basics; you work in contracts or related areas, or you are a self-published children’s author.