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14-17 June 2021

Inside the picture book

The event has been organised in partecipation with Mimaster Illustrazione Milano

How a picturebook is born. How the text relates to the projects, the illustrations to the graphic art, and art to the market? A special double session meeting.




live on ZOOM


11.00 A.M./12.30 P.M
5.00 P.M/6.30 P.M
(Italian time zone)


English (1st session) / Italian (2nd session)

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  • The LIVE Masterclass with speakers Lorenzo Mattotti and Nadia Terranova includes the option of simultaneous interpreting in Italian-English.
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Masterclass LIVE:
Building a successful picturebook

25.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

Masterclass LIVE:
Aladdin and the magic lamp

25.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

2 Masterclass LIVE

40.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

Masterclass ON DEMAND:
Building a successful picturebook

20.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

Masterclass ON DEMAND:
Aladdin and the magic lamp

20.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

2 Masterclass ON DEMAND

32.00 €

+ taxes if applicable

Event description

Picture book agent e editorial producer, Debbie Bibo, and illustrator and graphic artist, Chris Haughton, will describe how a picturebook comes about, from the initial idea and the creation of a character through to the international success of a publication.


Writer and journalist, Nadia Terranova, and illustrator and film director, Lorenzo Mattotti, will tell the story of their book “Aladino e la lampada magica”, published by Orecchio Acerbo editore, describing the illustrations, how much they were inspired by the classic children’s story, and how much they re-wrote.


The masterclass will conclude with a Q&A session.


The event is curated byIn the framework of
survival cornerThe illustrators survival corner


11.00 - 12.30 (Italy time zone)
INSIDE THE PICTUREBOOK - Chris Haughton and Debbie Bibo: building a successful picturebook

How a picturebook is born. How the text relates to the projects, the illustrations to the graphic art, and art to the market?

Debbie Bibo: book agent and editorial producer
Chris Haughton: illustrator and graphic designer
Moderatore: Giacomo Benelli, The Illustrators Survival Corner coordinator


17.00 - 18.30 (Italy time zone)
INSIDE THE PICTUREBOOK - Lorenzo Mattotti and Nadia Terranova: rewriting and illustrating the classic “Aladdin and the magic lamp”

Illustrations, taking inspiration from a classic, rewriting

Nadia Terranova: writer and journalist
Lorenzo Mattotti: illustrator and animated films director
Moderator: Ivan Canu, The Illustrators Survival Corner director



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