Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April

Handwriting in a Digital World

In our digital era, handwriting remains an essential and effective educational tool. It is therefore important to continue teaching and practising this skill, raising awareness among children’s book publishers of its educational role and expressive potential. The meeting aims to gather ideas, experiences and contributions to build a new, more conscious approach to handwriting and investigate its ever more important role played in picturebook.



Speakers will include Anastasia Arkhipova, illustrator and IBBY Vice-President; Laura Bravar, an expect in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of children with learning disorders, especially dysgraphia; the artist-calligraphers Gunnlaugur SE Briem, Ewan Clayton, and Monica Dengo; doctor and coach Giovanni Megighian; Monica Monachesi, art director and coordinator of illustration exhibitions; Riccardo Olocco, type designer e researcher and Harriët van Reek, Illustrator. Massimo Gonzato, SMED President, will chair the meeting.


The seminar will conclude with a brief Q&A session. 


  • Massimo Gonzato (SMED): Introduction
  • Ewan Clayton: Handwriting in a digital world
  • Laura Bravar: Suggestions for child-friendly publishing
  • Monica Monachesi: The pleasure of sign
  • Harriët van Reek
  • Anastasia Arkhipova: Letters as a part of the visual image
  • Gunnlaugur SE Briem: Italic handwriting: how to persuade teachers, parents, and the world
  • Riccardo Olocco: Turning Monica Dengo’s Italic hand into a digital type
  • Monica Dengo & Giovanni Megighian: Handwriting changes the brain
  • Q&R
  • Massimo Gonzato: Conclusion


The event, organised by dall'Associazione SMED (Handwriting in the Digital Era) and BCBF,  will be held on monday, 1 april, at 02.30 pm, Sala Notturno, Bologna Fair.