Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

Bcbf @ Pitti Bimbo 87, 21-23 June 2018


From the heart of the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, the art and poetry of 27 illustrators selected for Pitti Immagine Bimbo 87 - Florence, Fortezza da Basso, 21-23 June 2018

Bologna Children's Book Fair has staged for over fifty years the prestigious Illustrators Exhibition, an international showcase for discovering new trends and artists working in children's illustration today.

From the 3,000+ illustrators from around the globe who have submitted their works to take part in the process , an international jury of experts chooses the top 80, who become the stars of a global exhibition that tours - from Bologna to Japan and then to China - and presents them in a professional catalogue published in different countries.

Three years ago, out of the collaboration between Bologna Children's Book Fair and Pitti Immagine Bimbo, the project OFF THE PAGE ... AND INTO THE WORLD OF FASHION was born, with the aim of bringing to the world of fashion the unique visual and creative heritage that animate children's books .

The 27 illustrators presented in this edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo are the result of a careful selection from the talents of the 2018 Illustrator Exhibition, aimed at identifying the most open ideas and visual identities in a diverse dialogue with the fashion collections on show. In this immense array of languages, cultures, and sensitivities, the results of this beautiful and creative mix of media gives rise to curiosity and new paths, textures on which to build stories, suggestions, and stunning projects which may find their way into the world of children’s fashion.

The 27 Illustrators at Pitti Bimbo 87:

  • Monia ANTONELLIItaly
  • Miren ASIAIN LORA, Spain
  • Masha BAZILEVSKAYA, Russia
  • Davide BONAZZI, Italy
  • Ana BUSTELO, Spain
  • Beatrice CEROCCHI, Italy
  • Julien CHUNG, Canada
  • Francisco CUNHA, Uruguay
  • Julia DĺAZ , Mexico
  • Caterina GABELLI & Sara MARAGOTTO, Italy
  • Alireza GOLDOUZIAN , Iran
  • Sara GUERRA RUSCONI, Switzerland
  • Monica HERNANDEZ, Italy
  • Eunah HWANG, Korea
  • Seong hye HWANG , Korea
  • Catherine KUHLMANN, Germany
  • Ahra KWON, Korea
  • Daniela PARESCHI , Italy
  • Gina ROSAS MONCADA, Colombia
  • Rika SAKAI, Japan
  • Hisana SAWADA, Japan
  • Amir SHABANIPOUR, Iran
  • Hye ran SON, Korea
  • Issa WATANABE, Peru
  • Monica ZANI, Italy