58th edition
14-17 June 2021

“Nihon no Ehon”, Illustrated books from Japan in the MUJI Flagship store

Starting May 5  in the MUJI Flagship store in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan new exhibition of japanese illustrated books titled “Nihon no Ehon” (“Illustrated books from Japan”) will open and run until May 14. The exhibition is sponsored by MUJI and Yakult, supported by the Japanese Embassy in Italy and JBBY - Japanese Board on Books for Young People. The show has been brought to you in collaboration with the International Institute for Children’s Literature di Osaka and the International Library of Children’s Literature. It is part of a number of events that are taking place across Italy, celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Italy.


The opening date is an important day in Japan: on May 5, the country celebrates the Kodomo-no-Hi -Children’s Day. On this occasion, the MUJI store will display a selection of the best illustrated books published in Japan over the last five years, the same as were at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017 show.


The exhibition is comprised of three sections: “Cominciamo da zero” (“Let’s Start From Scratch”), “Vedere, pensare e sentire” (“Watch, Think, Feel”) and “Benvenuti in Giappone” (“Welcome to Japan”). The exhibition is child-friendly: language barriers will be broken by illustrations and books with their unusual shapes. It’s will be a sensory experience into Japanese culture and history and identity - juxtposing modernity and tradition.