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BOP2021 Winner - Mkuki Na Nyota, Tanzania

Let’s meet the BOP2021 winner for Africa

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The celebration for the 2021 BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year is a key part of the BCBF Online Special Edition. The BOP Prize is awarded each year to showcase editorial projects, professional skills and intellectual qualities of work from publishing houses all over the world. Let’s meet Mkuki Na Nyota, winner for Africa! 


Mkuki Na Nyota

Mkuki Na Nyota, is a “Tanzania based publishing house creating educational, scholarly/trade, children’s and art books in Tanzania and Eastern Africa for worldwide distribution.
Established in 1981, Mkuki na Nyota was a response to the general absence of high quality, independent publishing in Tanzania. Our vision is to be a fiercely independent and vibrant Tanzanian imprint publishing relevant, progressive, liberating, affordable and entertaining content. Through our work we continue to develop and encourage a culture of reading in Tanzania, as well as nurturing our indigenous literature as a method of preserving and sharing our experiences and perspective for ourselves and the rest of the world. We strive to publish “Relevant Books, Affordable Books, and Beautiful Books”.

On the Bookshelf

Mehta Abeid, Jini na mayai ya ajabu, Mkuki Na Nyota

Elizabeth Brooks/Bart Michoro, Mama Ana Kazi, Mkuki Na Nyota

Elizabeth Mwandiko, Maringo ya Kinyonga, Mkuki Na Nyota

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